Black Springbuck

IDENTIFICATION: A medium sized gazelle. The Black Springbuck is not a subspecies, but a color phase of the South African Springbuck. Black Springbuck were developed by selective breeding; the color of the skin is all black except for the white facial stripe running up the front of the nose. The skin fold on the back is usually closed but when the animal becomes excited, it thrusts it open fanning a length of stiff black hair. Horns: Both sexes have horns.

DISTRIBUTION: South Africa – Private Land Only.

HABITAT: Open dry grasslands and Savannah. Avoids mountains, woodland and tall grass.

HABITS: Both a grazer and a browser. Gregarious; usually forms large herds. There are mixed herds, bachelor herds and territorial males. Mixed herds split into nursing herds and new bachelor herds during the lambing season. Territories are maintained by showing-off displays and marking with dung heaps, territories are not occupied for the full year. Feeds in the early morning and late afternoon.

INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: The Black Springbuck forms part of the four Springbuck color variations. The Black Springbuck usually ranks # 2, behind the Common Springbuck, in body and horns of the four variations. The trophy quality lies within the width of the basses, the overall length and the hooks/curls on the tips. A great trophy to hunt while on safari and a must for any collector interested in collecting all four Springbuck color variations.

  • Ave Age of Mature Rams: +-/ 4 Years
  • Ave Weight of Mature Rams: +/- 65 Pounds
  • Hunting Permit Required: Hunting License
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