IDENTIFICATION: A black and white striped animal. The stripes on the flanks continue on to the belly. There are dull shadow stripes on the white stripes. Lower down towards the hooves, the stripes become indistinct. A short main runs down the top of the neck and onto the shoulders.

DISTRIBUTION: Southern Africa.

HABITAT: A savannah species: prefers open woodland, grassveld and floodplains. Avoids dense savannah and is seldom seen further than 12km from water. Ranges in search of grazing areas but availability of water is the determinant.

HABITS: Grazer. Gregarious: forms herds consisting of a stallion, one or more mares and their offspring. Other stallions form bachelor herds or live as loners from time to time. Fond of dust baths. Use kicking and biting as a form of protection and fighting.

INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: The Burchell's Zebra is one of the most sought after trophies from Africa. Hunting Zebra can prove very difficult in certain areas as judging stallions from mares can be very tough. Apart from the obvious signs of the penis sheath or erected penis, one can look at the width of the neck or the general posture and position a stallion takes up in the herd once being alarmed. Although it’s the mares who choose the dominant stallion, the stallion will assume his position at the back of a retreating herd, thus being closer to the point of danger, often stopping to look back. Judging the trophy quality of a Zebra, lies with its skin and overall size. Males often fight, during these fights they will bite each other continuously often leaving wounds behind which usually scar up later. Study the animal before making the shot, one will not pick up on every scar but always try to ensure the animal you are after has a clean smooth skin.

  • Ave Age of Mature Bulls: +/- 5 Years
  • Ave Weight of Mature Bulls: +/- 700 Pounds
  • Hunting Permit Required: Hunting License
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