IDENTIFICATION: Predominantly brown with a mane of lighter hair. The young have horizontal white stripes on their bodies.

DISTRIBUTION: Throughout Africa.

HABITAT: Thick shelter and water are essential. Prefers coastal, mountainous and riverine forests, thickets, reed patches and tall grass near water. Found only under these conditions even in dry country.

HABITS: Lives in groups of 7 animals (up to 12), consisting of a dominant male, dominant female, other females and young. Groups with young are very aggressive. Mainly nocturnal, but diurnal in areas where it is protected. Forages at night, tramping out footpaths. Digs and roots in the soil just like warthogs and likes to wallow in mud to cool down.

INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: The “Ghost of the Darkness”, this is mainly due to their crop raiding activities in the cover of dark and a complete vanishing act by day break in farming communities. In certain parts Bushpig hunting with hounds is seen as a religion, with hounds, hunters and Bushpigs often gaining legendary status. Bushpigs thrive throughout a wide variety of habitat and terrain, and will raid crops if the opportunity presents itself. Both the Boars and Sows make for super trophies. Hunting can be done by hounds, baiting or by a chance glimpse of these shy animals.

Big Boars will display big bump-like warts on the nose, increasing in size with age. Older Boars also tend to turn lighter in color, a good sigh of maturity but not a rule.

  • Ave Weight of Mature Adults: +/- 200 Pounds
  • Hunting Permit Required: Hunting License
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