IDENTIFICATION: A small antelope with large ears. The color of the body is a rich brick-red with snowflake like white speckles covering the upper body. The face, legs and neck do not have the white speckles. Slightly hunched posture. Has false “hooves” above the fetlocks on the hind legs. Horns: Only male have horns. Horns are short, smooth and straight, sloping backwards on the same plane as the face.

DISTRIBUTION: Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa.

HABITAT: Prefers dense scrub along rivers at the foot of mountains, ravines, broken country and coastal forest. Occurs in arid areas with succulents; sufficient shelter such as patches with dense shrubs is essential. Independent of water.

HABITS: Grazer. Occur in singles or in pairs, with a single lamb being born in the early summer. Secretive, mainly nocturnal but may graze in the late afternoon and early mornings, rest in thick shelter during hottest part of the day. Always vigilant when moving about, lying down at the slightest sign of danger, leaping up and running away at the last moment.

INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: A magnificent trophy and a collector’s delight, one that will require many nights of hard hunting. Usually hunted by spotlight at night. Shotgun or solids are recommended to not damage the skin of these fragile trophies. The management of Cape Grysbuck populations is of extreme importance if one were to maintain a sustainable population. Grysbuck succumb to predators very easily and areas with good Grysbuck populations are usually very well predator controlled. When hunting these shy animals always search for pairs, as one is bound to find males not too far away from females. When judging the trophy quality, take your time, as it will usually be at night in long grass. Grysbuck do not tend to stand still for very long with the outsides of their ears being black often resembling the shape and color of horns, be certain that there is at least 2 ½’’ of horns sticking out before making the call.

  • Ave Age of Mature Rams: +/- 4 Years
  • Ave Weight of Mature Rams: +/- 20 Pounds
  • Hunting Permit Required: Hunting License
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