IDENTIFICATION: Glossy reddish-brown. The tail, blaze on the face and the outside of the legs are black. Horns: Males and females have horns.

DISTRIBUTION: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and parts of southern Angola.

HABITAT: Found in semi desert savannah. May occur in open woodland but avoids dense woodland. Prefers open plains such as grasslands, floodplains and strips of areas around
pans. Hartebeest will take to the mountains and can move with great agility along steep slopes. Independent of water.

HABITS: Gregarious; forms herds of up to 20 animals. Mass herds of some thousands have been seen in Botswana. Territorial males, harem herds, bachelor herds and solitary males exist. Harem herds are stable and consist of a territorial male as the leader, young males, females and their offspring. Active in the early mornings and late afternoons; lies in the sun to rest except at midday when it is very hot.

INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: One of the fastest plains game species in Southern Africa. In some areas, Hartebeest can be incredibly weary and very alert when being hunted. When judging the trophy quality of Hartebeest, it’s important to look at the size of the boss and the space/gap between the bosses. Often the bosses will be grown closed making skinning very difficult. Mature bulls will standout in the herd with their shoulder height being much higher than that of the cows and young bulls, at times turning a darker richer color with age. Look for a heavy boss with very little or no gap between the horns, a good rise into a heart shape before bending straight back or slightly upwards with decent tips.

  • Ave Age of Mature Bulls: +/- 5 Years
  • Ave Weight of Mature Bulls: +/- 350 Pounds
  • Hunting Permit Required: Hunting License
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