IDENTIFICATION: A strongly-built cat with large paws. It has characteristic tassels of long darker hair on the tips of its ears.

DISTRIBUTION: Throughout Africa except in rain forests.

HABITAT: Occurs in a variety of habitats. Absent in rain forests and deserts. Sufficient shelter is of utmost importance. Prefers Coastal forest/bush or open areas around pans, open woodland or grassland. Can be found thriving in the rockier Karoo area. Dependent of water.

HABITS: Mainly nocturnal and very seldom seen during the day; if so, early morning or late afternoon on cool overcast days. Usually solitary, meeting only to mate, unless it’s a female with young. Although a good tree climber, lives and hunts mostly on the ground. Rests during the day. Has the ability to hide itself with very little shelter available.

INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: Caracal / Lynx can be very aggressive when bayed by hounds while being hunted, often heard by a “hiss” before being seen by the hunter. An extremely exciting hunt with hounds, and a unique trophy to harvest. Males and females make for great trophies, with males being slightly heavier and studier than females.

  • Ave Weight of Mature Adults: +/- 25 – 40 Pounds
  • Hunting Permit Required: Hunting License, CITES
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