IDENTIFICATION: The Klipspringer is a small compact antelope, with a small rounded head with a coat of course brittle hair. The legs are sturdy and the animal walks on the tips of its blunt rubbery hoofs. The color is a yellowish gold, sprinkled with gray and black. The coat is made up of Hollow fiber hair. Horns: Only the males have short spike like horns.

DISTRIBUTION: Throughout Southern and into parts of East Africa.

HABITAT: Associated with rocky areas: mountains with rocks bordering ravines; ridges with rocks and rocky hills. Wanders over long distances. Independent of water.

HABITS: A strict browser. Mostly occurs in pairs, occasionally in family groups or single. Males establish their territories by forming dung heaps and scent-marking them with pre-orbital glands. Grazes in the early morning and late afternoon, even after dark, and rests in the shade in their rocky habitat. A very sure-footed rock climber. Closely confined to the rocky habitat. If disturbed while grazing on the surrounding flats, it immediately takes to rocky shelters.

INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: The Klipspringer forms part of the Tiny 10 family. For any hunter who enjoys the mountains and the challenges that come with mountain hunting, they will find this hunt is a must. The art in hunting these fleet footed masters of the rocks is to get into glassing positions without being detected. Once in position, take your time to glass all surrounding rocky ridges and outcrops in the area. Once a good male has been spotted be sure to approach with utmost caution, as any kind of alarm will set the Klipspringer, usually in pairs, off over the next horizon. Hunters can expect shots to be long with steep gradients at times. Klipspringer's have sensitive skins and hair slip is always a factor. Hunters must ensure they have a good flat shooting caliber with a solid bullet as to damage skins as little as possible.

  • Ave Age of Mature Adults: +/- 5 Years
  • Ave Weight of Mature Adults: +/- 40 Pounds
  • Hunting Permit Required: Hunting License
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