IDENTIFICATION: Largest cat in Africa. Young animals have dark rosettes and spots fading away as the animal matures. The male usually has a darker main on its head, neck and shoulders. The coat is a short smooth tawny beige color, with a long tail and a black tuft of hair on the tip.

DISTRIBUTION: Throughout Africa south of the Sahara.

HABITAT: Widespread in savannah, grasslands and semi desert areas. Availability of especially medium-sized to large game is an important requirement. Rarely in dense forest and never in rain forests. Independent of water.

HABITS: The only cats that form prides; each with an average of 12 members. Single nomadic lions are also seen. Mainly nocturnal, but are also active during the day especially at sunrise and sunset. Prides consist of one or more males (one of them dominant), a dominant female, other females and young lions. They occupy a territory but do not necessarily wander together.

INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: A lion is a highly esteemed trophy and taking a good one is a major achievement for both the hunter and safari staff. Lions are usually baited or tracked, however many Lions are taken by chance encounters. Lions can be extremely dangerous when provoked or wounded. One must always consider the possibility of more Lions getting involved. The trophy quality is determined by the mane, size of the head and the overall size of the body. Both males and females make for great trophies, but a big manned male is regarded as the #1 trophy for many a hunters traveling to Africa.

  • Ave Weight of Mature Adults: +/- 350 Pounds
  • Hunting Permit Required: Hunting License, TOPS Permit, CITES
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