Mountain Reedbuck

IDENTIFICATION: Medium-sized antelope with black spots below the ears. The color of the body is grayish with a red sheen and the neck is darker. The points of the ears are rounded. The most obvious feature is their big white bushy tails. Horns: Only males have horns.

DISTRIBUTION: South Africa – the highest concentration in the East Cape.

HABITAT: Associated with mountainous areas. Dry rocky slopes of mountains and hills with sufficient grass and shelter such as scattered trees and shrubs. Usually avoids open plateaus and peaks. Dependent on water.

HABITS: Grazer. Usually forms herds of 3-6 (sometimes up to 30). Territorial males, other solitary males, nursing herds and bachelor herds can be distinguished. Nursing herds will move over the territories of several males. Grazes when it is cool, even at night and rests during the hottest part of the day in the shade.

INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: The Mountain Reedbuck is a more demanding game animal to hunt than the other Reedbuck species in Africa. The hunter will find these animals much warier, lives on more difficult terrain, and its smaller body size makes it a difficult target. It often can be located and glassed from a comfortable viewpoint, but usually must be stalked in steep terrain once pursued. Hunters can expect shots to be long with steep gradients at times. To judge the trophy quality of the Mountain Reedbuck one must always look at the size of the neck, a thick and darkened well set neck is the first sign of a mature animal, especially in Mountain Reedbuck. The horns are in the shape of hooks, hooking forward with a pulp base. Always look to harvest a male which horns are in line with the tips of the ears or greater. The Eastern Cape region of South Africa is probably the best area in which to hunt these mountain dwellers, hunters will enjoy great numbers and exciting hunting on this species.

  • Ave Age of Mature Adults: +/- 5 Years
  • Ave Weight of Mature Adults: +/- 60 Pounds
  • Hunting Permit Required: Hunting License
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