IDENTIFICATION: The Oribi is a small graceful antelope with a long slender neck and pointed ears. The coat is a silky yellowish fawn above, sometimes with a reddish tinge on the back, contrasting sharply with the pure white under parts. The top part of the tail is black and there are black spots below the ears.  Horns: Only the males have horns.

DISTRIBUTION: Throughout Africa south of the Sahara in suitable habitat.

HABITAT: Open grassveld or floodplains in well watered areas, with or without scattered trees and shrubs. Found especially in areas with short grass and isolated patches of tall grass for shelter. Avoids large stretches of tall grass, woodland and dense bush.

HABITS: Grazer, mainly in pairs or small groups. The male is territorial and maintains this for the mating season through ostentation and by marking the grass with pre-orbital glands. Grazes when it is cool and rests in the tall grass. Runs away prancing and leaping high if disturbed, but is very inquisitive and returns later. The male uses communal dung heaps, but this does not have any territorial function.

INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: A magnificent trophy and a collector’s delight. Usually hunted along our coastal belts in the East Cape. Solids are recommended to not damage the skin of these fragile trophies. The management of Oribi populations is of extreme importance if one were to maintain a sustainable population. Oribi succumb to predators very easily and areas with good Oribi populations are usually very well predator controlled. When hunting these shy animals always search for pairs or groups, as one is bound to find males not too far away from females. When judging the trophy quality always ensure the tip of the horns are in line with the top of the ears or greater. Oribi form part of the Tiny 10 and any hunters who would like to hunt Oribi should indicate this when booking their safari, as Oribi quota is limited and permits have to be applied for before the hunter's arrival.

  • Ave Age of Mature Rams: +/- 5 Years
  • Ave Weight of Mature Rams: +/- 40 Pounds
  • Hunting Permit Required: Hunting License, TOPS Permit, CITES
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