IDENTIFICATION: Very large grayish brown antelope with shoulders higher than its hind quarters. Roan have scimitar-like horns and distinctive long ears. The face seems to have a black mask with white patches in front of the eyes and around the mouth.

Horns: Both sexes have horns.

DISTRIBUTION: Throughout Africa south of the Sahara.

HABITAT: Very specific requirements: open savannah with large stretches of medium to tall grass and sufficient water. Very sensitive to any change in habitat such as bush encroachment and overutilization of grass. Tolerates scattered short shrubs. Avoids thickets and areas with short grass or forest.

HABITS: Grazer. Bachelor herds, solitary males and breeding herds exist (5-25 animals/herd). A breeding herd with a dominant male and a female as leader will leave their home range only if food and water become scarce. The male shows territorial behavior, but merely defends his females (300-500m around the herd) and not a specific area. Young males become adults at age 5-6years and leaves bachelor herds to live a solitary life. Grazes in the early mornings and late afternoons.

INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: Roan, after Eland and Greater Kudu are Africa’s largest antelope. A true collectors specie as most of the Southern African populations are not exceptionally wary. Caliber and shot placement are both very important, as Roan are large, tough and tenacious of life.

  • Ave Age of Mature Bulls: +/- 6 Years
  • Ave Weight of Mature Bulls: +/- 600 Pounds
  • Hunting Permit Required: Hunting License, TOPS Permits
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