Bird Hunts

South Africa is a haven for wild bird shooting and provides the bird enthusiasts with a variety of terrain to hunt from. We offer our bird hunters Grey-Wing Partridge over trained English Pointers from the high ground within the Eastern Cape.

While the East Cape boasts a superb variety of birds to pursue, we do not offer bird hunts solely, as birds can be erratic at times. If any hunter would like to combine his/her big game safari with a couple of bird days for Grey-wing Partridge shooting then he/she can do so as an add-on to their safari.


Grey-wing Partridge is considered by many as one of the finest upland game birds in the world. They habitat at an elevation of 5000 feet and higher in our northern concessions. These birds live in coveys of four to eighteen, with most coveys averaging ten birds. Early mornings are spent in the mountains, watching the dogs range for birds and enjoying the views, only to be disturbed by the thrill of an English Pointer on a Grey-wing point. This will leave even the most experienced of hunters grasping for his shotgun, only to see these fast flying birds disappear over the edge.

  • Hunting Season: 1 May to 31 July
  • Bag Limit: 4 birds per hunter per day

All Grey-wing hunts are offered in combination with one of our standard plains/dangerous game safaris in the East Cape.


For all bird hunts in South Africa we recommend a 12-gauge shotgun and at your request we can arrange for shells to be supplied. Please note, 20 Gauge shotguns are not available. We do however have a selection of 12 Gauge CZ Redhead over and under, and couple of Beretta semi-automatics. Shotgun selection is on a first come first serve basis.

Shotgun hire and shell rates as per listed rates at the time of booking.