Hound Hunts

John X Safaris was one of the very first Safari Outfits to start hunting with hounds during the late 1980’s. Today, over twenty years later, we still maintain the same traditions.

For those hunters seeking the more elusive Blue Duiker, Lynx/Caracal or Bushpig, can be assured of good opportunities with a near hundred percent success rate when hunting our southern concessions with hounds.

The Blue Duiker is a real specialized collector's trophy forming part of the Tiny 10. Hunts are conducted by finding suitable paths in the dense undergrowth of our coastal forests while moving the Duiker’s around by Jack Russells and Fox Terriers. Often hunters will only catch mere glimpses of these tiny masters of the forest with Terriers 20 or 30 yards behind, in hot pursuit. It’s an exhilarating experience and one which will test even the best shotgunners among us.

For the cat hunters we offer Lynx/Caracal hunting with hounds. It is one of the most exciting hunts to be involved in. Packs usually number anywhere from 12 to 18 hounds and consist of Blue Ticks, Fox Hounds, Beagle crosses and a host of locally bred dogs.

Packs are put out before sunrise, with houndsman listening for any warning signs of Caracal in the area. Monkeys and Bushbuck alerting barks are often a Caracal's only give away. Once the lead dog has found a hot scent the hunt is on, with Caracals often covering several kilometers and hours before treeing.

For the fanatical pig hunters, we offer Bushpig hunting with hounds from our southern concessions. For many it is seen as a religion, with hounds, hunters and Bushpigs often gaining legendary status. For any hunter who enjoys pig hunting, this hunt will be a must. Be warned that this is a very physical and mentally demanding hunt. Most houndsman are 3rd or 4th generation pig hunters and enjoy the challenge in the run once the pigs have exited from their nest. Keeping up with these hard men over several kilometers, in the forest through the dense undergrowth and then making a telling shot is one of the most rewarding feelings a hunter could experience and one that is highly recommended.

All hunts offered with dogs are highly specialized and must always be booked well in advance to ensure availability and maximum opportunity for success.