Family Hunts & Safaris


Why not bring the family along on your next safari? We’re passionate about the next generation of hunters. In fact, we’re so passionate we’ve taken it upon ourselves to match your investment in their hunt, ultimately our hunting future, by matching the cost of getting them to Africa. We figured if you were willing to buy the flight we’d be happy to sponsor the day fee. We welcome observers and non-hunters, and prioritize their experiences as much as we do yours. We enjoy sharing the hunt with you, and we get excited about your better half and the youngsters taking part in this healthy pastime with you.

Browse over the below and see what other families very similar to yours were up to on their most recent safari. Then take us up on our offer and bring the entire family along on your next big hunt. Trust us... Your only regret will be why you hadn't done this years ago!

7th Nov 2019

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1st May 2018

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28th Mar 2018

Passing the Buck

13th Oct 2017

Cunningham and Smith Families on Safari in the East Cape