John X Safaris

Year Books

At John X Safaris we’re all about the experience and allowing the results and our hunters testimonials to speak for themselves on our behalf. Each year we produce a publication that highlights the hunters who joined us on safari during that particular season. We’re not posting pictures from ten, twenty or even thirty years ago.

We’re giving you the opportunity to judge us on current real time results on an ongoing annual basis. We’re only as good as our last hunt, so hit any of the below books and join us by taking a look at our most recent results, then judge us on what we’re producing today.

SEASON 2023 

The wonderful people whom we met and shared time with in Africa this past season are the same people who are ensuring the vision is alive and well. You have hunted hard and you have hunted responsibly. We have no doubt that you will cherish reliving your adventures as much as we have enjoyed looking back at our season through your wonderful pictures and mesmerizing letters.

Page 44-45 Render

My first time hunting in Africa and it will be a feeling I will never forget. Thanks to John X Safaris and the rest of the hunting group for making me feel like one of the family.

Page 62-63 Render

This was our first time hunting in Africa and John X Safaris made it the most fantastic experience. Our PH Ed, Tracker Ropsie and Cameraman Grant were all amazing and made us feel like family.

Page 40-41 Render

Joining me on this trip were my hunting friends for life and family for over 20 years. I was very fortunate to have a two on one hunt with my brother in which our PH Martin was up for the challenge.