Plains Game Hunts

Plains game has been our game for more than four decades and we’re the name hunters turn to when it comes to the best plains game hunting in Africa.

We have access to three million acres of privately owned land and game reserves, including over seven hundred thousand acres of free ranging areas stretching from the coastal forests along the Indian Ocean, to the unsurpassed beauty of the Great Karoo, and the breath-taking mountains of the north - hunting the game in their natural environment and habitat where they are naturally of better quality.

With over forty different species available to our hunters, from the tiniest Blue Duiker to the largest antelope in Africa, the Cape Eland, all occurring in a variety of habitats, we have found the need to establish camps within the moister southern and drier northern regions of the East Cape. This often allows our hunters to enjoy the variety of a single/multi-area hunt on the same safari, while ensuring we achieve the very best in trophy quality.

Our southern concessions produce some of the best East Cape Kudu each year, while also providing an ideal habitat for Cape Bushbuck, Warthog, Waterbuck, the ever impressive Nyala and many more. Black Wildebeest, Zebra and Hartebeest, roam the plains in large numbers, while the ever majestic Sable commands the most attention by its sheer presence.

From our northern concessions the mountains enjoy a moist climate, where you can hunt the elusive Klipspringer or Vaal Rhebuck at 5000 feet above sea level, or enjoy the thrill of a hound on a Grey Wing point. As the mountains drop away towards the escarpment, the land becomes more arid and the wildlife surprisingly more abundant. You can expect the plains game here to be some of the best in Africa, with record quality Gemsbuck, East Cape Kudu, Wildebeest, Steenbuck, Lechwe and Springbuck slam, just to mention a few.

Make the most of our traditional 7/10/14 Day Hunts in the East Cape. Our hunts are offered at a daily rate basis, allowing you to tailor-make your very own safari as per your specie choices or preferences.