South Africa - East Cape

South Africa is one of the most exciting countries in the world to hunt. It offers a diverse combination of landscapes, vegetation and wildlife together making it a unique destination for the safari enthusiast to Africa.

The Malaria Free Eastern Cape offers the finest hunting in the country with over forty different species of plains and dangerous game spread across large tracks of land spanning vast semi-arid desert, dense coastal forests, mountains and open savannah.

We have access to three million acres of privately owned land and game reserves, including over seven hundred thousand acres of free ranging areas stretching from the coastal forests along the Indian Ocean, to the unsurpassed beauty of the Great Karoo, and the breathtaking mountains of the north - hunting the game in their natural environment and habitat where they are naturally of better quality.

With over forty different species available to our hunters, and many occurring in a variety of habitats, we have found the need to establish camps within the moister southern and drier northern regions of the East Cape. This often allows our hunters to enjoy the variety of a multi-area hunt on the same safari, while ensuring we achieve the very best in trophy quality.

While hunting South Africa you are not limited by hunting seasons, but we prefer our season runs from early March through to October. During these months the Eastern Cape boasts a moderate climate, making for comfortable hunting conditions. This combined with first class lodging and numerous tourist attractions, makes the East Cape a world class destination for both hunter and non-hunter on safari.

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The East Cape Experience is like no other. It may be the people. The land. The camaraderie around a crackling campfire. The PH and tracker who started out as strangers, but leave you as friends. Or it may be the abundance of game and the sheer variety on offer. It’s the feeling you’re left with to return again. It’s hard to explain. Join us and you’ll understand.

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