Borderless Hunts

You’re three or four hunts in with John X Safaris so where to next? You’ve built up a friendship through experiences with your PH that speaks louder than words and you’re not ready to say goodbye to your family in Africa. Why not join us on one of our borderless hunts?

We’ve got the contacts and the know-how, it’s taken us more than three decades, but we’ve got the areas and the game you’re after. Best of all your friend, and John X Safaris PH, will be going along to ensure you achieve the results you’ve become accustomed to with us over the years.

Choose from Mozambique’s Zambezi Delta and Zambia’s magnificent Luangwa Valley for a variety of specialized species, as well as Elephant and world-class Leopard / Lion over bait. In Cameroon we hunt the savannah for the ever impressive Lord Derby Eland, or enjoy the thrill of a Pygmy-led chase on the elusive Bongo in the rain forests of the Congo. Ethiopia’s Rift Valley is home to the ever-impressive Mountain Nyala, while Tanzania’s Masailand hosts a select few species that only occur at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Botswana and Namibia’s Kalahari Desert plays host to some of the best specialized game in Africa, with numerous opportunities on selected species that only occur in those regions.

You’ve trusted us with each experience up to this point, allow us to ensure your next safari is as good as the last.